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Five ways to use your virtual tour to engage people in real life

Use your virtual experience to impact guests at physical locations
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Helping guests see your spaces online is an absolute game-changer. Immersive virtual tours make your story and location accessible to people regardless of where they are in the world. With people returning back to offices, campuses and more, you can now use your virtual tour to capture the attention of potential customers in person, hook them on your story, and lead them towards next steps even when you're right in front of them!

Below are five impactful ways to use your virtual tour and maps to support people IRL.

1. Leverage your tour at events

Activating people's senses is a sure way to improve your brand recall at trade shows and conferences. Using visuals from your virtual tour coupled with your stories and explanations can make interactions with attendees more memorable. We've seen a range of creative options for displaying virtual tours, from mobile phones and tablets to large touch screen TVs that people can touch and swipe themselves. When you have a visual aid, it helps bring the details you're sharing to life and can transport people from the conference floor into your space.

2. Make a tour and map available in your reception or welcome areas

Create a helpful first impression for new guests. In your reception or welcome area, display your virtual tour and map on a tablet or touchscreen to assist people in finding their way around. Your staff working at the front-desk can use it as a guide to direct guests to where they need to go. If you don’t have dedicated physical devices in your space, consider using signage with QR codes that direct to your virtual tour.

3. Utilize your tour site during in-person tours

During in-person walking tours, it’s common to hit roadblocks like construction, rooms in use, and other events that  prevent you from showing everything you offer. To ensure you give guests the full picture, having your tour site handy on a tablet or mobile device can offer visual aids that show people those off-limits spaces. After the tour, share the site in a thank you email to guests to help them recall all the vivid details. 

4. Place posters and signage with QR codes linking to your tour and venue maps 

You’re not on-site to show people around 24/7 but your virtual tour can be! Create signage with QR codes people can scan to find their way around. Linking specific tour locations and maps can help bring context to where people are and find their way to where they need to be.

5. Run self-guided audio tours of your location 

Ever taken an audio tour of  a museum, science centre or city? Then you’ve likely experienced how immersive and fun they can be. Bring that same effect to life in your venue with audio tours! Audio is one of the fastest-growing mediums of the moment, and a perfect way to deliver the story inside your venue to visitors.

Getting creative by integrating your digital tools into in-person contexts  can deliver a meaningful impact on your audience. Incorporating different aspects of your virtual tour in physical spaces is a great way to help people get to know you even better. Want help trying out some of these at your venue? Reach out to our team! 

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