Add a human voice to your virtual experience with Audio Guides

Narrate stories to visitors to connect with them, while boosting engagement and accessibility.

Why You'll Love Audio Guides

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Boost Engagement

Audio narration keeps guests on your tour pages longer, engages them longer with your content, and extends viewing time by up to 74%.

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Improve Brand Recall

Audio and visual content work together to help visitors retain information and feel more immersed in your tour, translating to higher brand recognition.

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Increase Accessibility

Audio guides are a must have for organizations who prioritize accessibility. Dramatically improve the experience for all visitors.

How Audio Guides Work

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Seneca College increases visitor engagement by 74% with audio guides

Adding the audio component to our virtual tours offers another layer of engagement and presents Seneca's campus and facilities to the visitor in a more intimate and personal way.
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Peter Freer
Digital Marketing Specialist, Seneca College