Capture engaged leads with Calls to Action

Customizable Calls to Action (CTAs) let you connect with your most engaged visitors, and send leads directly into your CRM.

Why You'll Love CTAs

Stop missing leads

Your virtual tour engages visitors every day. While they go from awareness to interest, CTAs let you capture contact info to keep in touch.

Offer next steps

Guide visitors to their next action. Link to external sites,  newsletter sign-ups or events to keep them moving through your sales cycle.

Protect visitor info

Keep information private. Forms integrated with your CRM send customer data directly to you - keeping future customer info safe.

How CTAs Work

Broadcast both showing sound mixing machine and screens

🎙️ Record your own audio

Decide who will be the voice of your tour. Either record in-house or hire a professional voice actor to bring your guide card content to life.

Seneca York Campus welcome page with the Seneca College logo and introductory text welcoming guests to the virtual tour

🗣️ Add a voice to your tours

Import your recordings into Circuit and easily add them into your scenes and hot spots on the CMS.

Seneca College audio tour pop up menu where visitors can choose audio on or off

🤔 Let visitors decide

Your virtual tour visitors get the chance to choose whether they would like to listen to the tour or simply read descriptions.

Mock-up of analytics dashboard

📈 Measure the impact

Audio events let you compare engagement for visitors who listen v. those who don't.

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Algonquin College's virtual tour is one of their most effective lead generation tools

Our virtual tour is one of our most impactful tools used for recruitment. It's been a driving factor for lead generation and supports our efforts to convert leads into Algonquin College students.
Chris Gill
Marketing Officer Team Lead
Algonquin College