Drive occupancy with virtual tours

Circuit helps you ramp up lead gen and deliver a sophisticated virtual tour of your communities.

The first visit to your community is virtual.

Are you doing enough to convert prospective residents online?


of seniors embrace tech and go online to chat with family and friends.



of baby boomers wish more businesses had digital options available when researching.


You can't be online all the time, but your virtual community tour can.

Showcase the best aspects of your retirement community with Circuit.

Operators use Circuit to generate sales opportunities

Convert more website visitors into leads

So you're successfully driving traffic to your site...bravo! Now, convert those visitors into leads with virtual tours, a proven lead gen tactic.

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Suites and more... showcase your full lifestyle offering

Your community is more than just suites and rooms. Turn the spotlight on the best aspects of your communities.

Get a complete picture of visitor behaviour

Learn more about visitors and uncover ways to further improve engagement.

Future residents use virtual tours to evaluate and decide

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Help residents imagine life at your community

People prefer to be shown rather than told. Immersive virtual tours bring suites, amenities, and care to life, and tell the real story of your community.

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Offer a user friendly and accessible tour

Let's face it - virtual tours can be frustrating to use. For that reason, Circuit was designed with all audiences in mind.

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Give adult children confidence

Answers build confidence, and personalized tours answer common questions in an easy-to-navigate, safe and accessible way.

Circuit for Senior's Care

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With Circuit, prospective students discover your space through a range of formats best suited for storytelling. Prospects anywhere in the world can learn about your school by interacting with 360 content, photos, videos and stories. An intuitive CMS allows you to perform updates and expand your tours as your campus changes. Our team is excited to guide you through the process, provide ongoing support and share insights along the way.