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How The Executive Centre used Circuit Virtual Tours to digitize their network of premium workspaces

Scaling up virtual centre tours in 14 markets and 35 cities
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The way we work is more flexible than ever before.

Chelsea Perino, Managing Director of Global Marketing & Communications of The Executive Centre (TEC), understands the very important role that flexibility plays in the future of work, and the changing nature of the commercial real estate search.

“Because our clientele is 76% multinational corporations (MNCs), many of the decision makers live overseas and don’t have the opportunity to experience our centres in person,” says Chelsea. With a growing network of 170+ centres across Asia-Pacific, TEC identified the need for a scalable solution that would deliver their centres to decision makers. “We needed a dynamic platform to better replicate the in-centre experience online, helping our potential clients get a better understanding of our design, office flow, and different kinds of spaces.” 

Speed and scale were important factors in their selection of a platform. “We are constantly opening new offices, so being able to efficiently onboard these new spaces into a virtual tour platform was essential [to marketing these spaces].”

Providing a dynamic and user-friendly tour experience was also important. As the sales team would leverage this platform in pitching solutions to prospective clients, delivering centre tours that reflected TEC’s sophisticated spaces was critical.

TEC's virtual tour showcases their spaces to prospective clients anywhere in the world, on any device

Enter Circuit Virtual Tours – A scalable solution for digital sales support

TEC chose Circuit as the central hub for their virtual visit experience and the way the user experience delivered a level of sophistication aligned with their brand. Head of Video Content Mathew Lee worked with the Circuit team to craft a plan to onboard their centres in Hong Kong. They wanted to showcase private serviced offices, coworking spaces, business concierge services, meeting rooms, conferences spaces and more. Based on input from the sales team and knowledge of buyer needs, the site would be built with tours of each centre, and a separate set of tours highlighting their products and services.

The Circuit team helped TEC launch Hong Kong, and now had a model for content capture and tour design that would enable them to go all-in and bring the rest of their centres online. Country by country, they set out to capture their centres, building out tours using Circuit’s flexible content management system. 

Senior management and locations were extremely supportive of this initiative along the way, because of how critical it became for the sales team to introduce TEC to new and potential clients. “Being able to lead with an interactive and dynamic experience has been a motivating factor to drive consumers to visit our centres in person,” says Chelsea.

Lead capture was also an important factor. TEC runs on Salesforce, so forms were integrated into the experience in order to deliver leads directly to the correct regional sales team. To increase lead performance, TEC built in various conversion opportunities within the site, including get-in-touch forms, white papers, city guides, and more.

Some of the incredible spaces featured in TEC's virtual tour

The Outcome

Working closely with Circuit over the past few years, TEC has enriched their experience with interactive elements like Matterport 3D tours and video storytelling that familiarize prospective clients with theirbrand and offerings. They have used Circuit to scale virtual tours across their network to 41 cities across 10 countries, and as new centres open up the team continues to expand their digital experience to match in-person growth. Chelsea says, “We are constantly opening new offices so efficiency in integrating these new platforms has been essential. The Circuit team is responsive and great to work with, ensuring our new spaces are reflected on the site in a timely manner.”

Over time, TEC has enriched their tour experience with interactive elements, including video footage, Matterport 3D tours, additional locations and more. On their side, the team has worked hard to ensure visibility and use of their virtual tour by integrating the platform into their website and making it easy for their sales team to pull and share links to clients. Aside from prominently building it into their website homepage and centre pages, they drive awareness of the tour through paid campaigns and social media.  

Quarterly success sessions with Circuit have helped TEC continuously evolve their platform based on analytics and growth. Chelsea says, “The quarterly review sessions are not just a recap of traffic, stats and updates, but a collaborative brainstorming session which looks at both our business goals, the challenges we’re facing, and how the Circuit platform can provide support.”

While “where we work” continues to evolve and change, TEC is set up for success when it comes to showcasing their growing portfolio to customers across the world. 

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