Mini masterclass: 6 tactics you can use to get next-level results from virtual tours [Webinar replay]

Virtual tour strategies post-secondary schools are currently using for hybrid recruitment
2 min read

Over 30% of students depend on virtual tours today, and schools are hanging on to this high impact, low maintenance digital "multitool" as recruitment shifts back to in-person. We've gathered 12 best practices currently being used across the enrolment journey that schools have put in place to take their virtual tours even further than you would expect. Find out how you can set up your virtual tour for success in the world of hybrid recruitment.

In this replay from Unibuddy Connect, Andrew will walk you through 6 different techniques being used by institutions to leverage their virtual tours, organized into 3 stages of the decision process:

  • Improve awareness and consideration
  • Enhance conversion
  • Assist incoming student onboarding and support their transition to post-secondary

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