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Lights, camera, action!

Getting your space ready for a 360° shoot
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Your 360° shoot is's how to prepare.

In a 360°shoot, almost everything you see will be visible to the camera, from floor to ceiling. This means taking a fresh look at your surroundings and checking off a few small details. Don't worry, it won't take long to do. This post outlines a few tips to make sure your business is ready for the cameras to roll.

  • De-clutter and re-arrange to make rooms appear larger
  • Sweep or vacuum floors, carpets, and staircases
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs
  • Remove posters and signage that may be date specific, or that you don't want to appear in the tour (promotional, sales, etc.)
  • Tidy up front reception / checkout areas (hide paperwork, cords, sign-in books, and clutter).
  • Ensure electrical, telephone and cable wires are hidden or barely visible
  • Store away unnecessary electronics and appliances (ignore if they are important to your business)
  • Remove any personal photos that you don't want visible in the tour
  • Clean windows and glass partition walls
  • Set up TV/computer screens with your business logo or website (either by accessing your website or with a USB key)
  • Ensure windows and reflective surfaces on the property are polished
  • On the exterior of the property ensure all clutter is removed or hidden away, including garbage cans, bins and other distractions
  • Hotels: for all bedrooms, use crisp linens and pillow cases, and keep end tables free of clutter
  • Offices/workspaces: ensure desks are cleared of all sensitive documents and kept neat and clutter-free

When the production team arrives on site, do a quick walk through to ensure that spaces are in good shape before filming.

See, that wasn't so tough!

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