Refresh your virtual tour this summer [Webinar replay]

How to review, update, and optimize your tour for the next recruitment cycle
2 min read

Summer is the best time to get your virtual tour ready for the upcoming recruitment season 🌞

Dan and Kirsti from Circuit, two former student recruiters, recently shared key indicators and best practices for creating content that engages and converts future students.

In this webinar replay, you will learn:

  • How to review your virtual tour based on the amount of time you have
  • Trends from high performing tours in 2021-22 that you can use on your tour
  • How analytics can help you discover where you can grow or improve your tour
  • Best practices for producing content that supports your future student audience.

View the full replay:

Want more tips and tricks on how to refresh your virtual tour this summer? Download the takeaway package and receive a review checklist, a production shotlist, and more!

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