What applicant data reveals about virtual tours

Insights from Academica Group's 2021 UCAS™ report about the value of virtual tours
5 min read

Today's applicants rely heavily on online sources and virtual activities to make a decision about their post-secondary school.

When deciding on the student resources to invest in, studies like the University/College Applicant Survey (UCAS™) by Academica Group are invaluable. Responses from 42,000+ applicants let you assess the impact of your initiatives, and look back to plan ahead.

In the latest year's report, the UCAS applicant data revealed the continued importance of virtual tours in student recruitment and marketing. If you are building business cases for new or enhanced virtual campus tours, our latest guide will help you plan and secure funding and buy-in.

In our guide, you will find:

  • Where virtual tours fall in student research
  • Influence of virtual tours for domestic v. international students
  • The usage of virtual tours with schools using Circuit vs. other platforms
  • How to build tours based on the information students are looking for
  • And more

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